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Symbiotic EDA to give two tutorials at FPL 2019

David, Yosys and nextpnr developer at Symbiotic EDA, will be giving introductory tutorials on the Icestorm open source FPGA flow, and formal verification with SymbiYosys at the FPL 2019 conference in Barcelona. In the Icestorm tutorial, participants will get an overview of the open source FPGA tools space, and deploy a low-power RISC-V processor to the icebreaker development board. Participants in the formal verification tutorial will gain hands-on experience with the basic principles of formal, and see how it can find a bug in an AXI4-Lite IP core. More details on the tutorials can be found at and the FPL conference at David will also be available to meet during FPL if you are interested in any of Symbiotic EDA's projects.

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