For the purpose of spreading the knowledge about formal methods, we provide free licenses to individual academics, researchers, hobbyists, hackers, and enthusiasts for use in non-commercial projects.

A SERP license requires an active internet connection and allows the usage of our software for a certain number of hours per month (usually 100 hrs/month, more are available on request). A SERP license can be used to run our software on an unlimited number of hosts, even at the same time. No registration of MAC addresses is required.

Who can get a SERP License?

Everyone who wants to use our software in a non-commercial project. We do not have a formal definition of what non-commercial means. You have to talk to us. If you do not work for a for-profit organization or your work is made available to the world under a permissive license, then there are good chances that we will grant you a SERP license for your project. We reserve the right to revoke a once granted SERP license.

How do I get a SERP License?

Simply write an e-mail to describing your project.