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Ken Tindell

CTO Canis Labs

“I love formal verification. It's like doing pair programming with an uber pedant."

Dr. Christian Krieg
Institute of Computer Technology, TU Wien

"Industry is demanding verification skills, but if there are no tools available for universities then there won't be people ready to meet demand."

Tianrui Wei

East China University

“Symbiotic EDA formal tools are a joy to use"

Michael Betz
ALS Electronics Engineering and Controls

"At the Advanced Light Source we have stringent safety requirements to protect personnel and equipment.

A good example is our FPGA based RF interlock, which disables and protects the klystron amplifiers within microseconds if there is an arc in the waveguide or another RF related fault.

A soft-core microcontroller is used to interface the FPGA to our PLC based control system. We chose picorv32 because it's been verified by Symbiotic EDA's formal verification tools."

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