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Symbiotic EDA Suite

Formal Methods have been proved to be a highly efficient method to develop and debug digital circuits. Up to now mostly companies with deep pockets could afford those tools. Since 2018, Symbiotic EDA is providing those efficient class of design tools to the rest of the chip industry. Training For...


Our team can be hired to adapt the EDA tools Yosys and nextpnr for the individual needs of ASIC and FPGA designers and manufacturers. Yosys is a Synthesis tools used by Universities and research worldwide like Berkeley, Stanford, ETHZ, . It is used by the Electronics Resurgence Initiative funded by...

formal verification of Risc-V

Standard compliance of CPU cores is a corner point for the Risc-V eco system. We provide tools and verification services to companies using or writing their own RISC-V cores. Our formal verification test suite for RISC-V CPUs is used by chip design companies worldwide to achieve ISA compliance with their...

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We are a team of programmers developing opensource tools to design and debug digital circuits written in Verilog, VHDL SystemVerilog or SVA. We are the fathers of Yosys, icestorm and nextpnr.

How to do and what to use Formal Verification for?

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