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Join Symbiotic! – Office Manager

An international team of 10 innovative developers operating worldwide is looking for reliable support in office administration, based in Vienna.

  • It’s a joy for you to work independently?

  • You unfold your own initiative?

  • Scheduling your working time by yourself is what you have been looking for?

  • You would appreciate working from home?

  • You are looking for a well-paid (1) fix part-time employment for approx. 10 hours/week?

If you answered with yes, then join Symbiotic!

You would also need

  • excellent written and spoken English

  • some basic German – you should understand written correspondence (e.g. with tax advisor etc.)

  • inter-cultural experiences – it’s all about you and your life!

  • computer knowledge – as it’s all about us:

  • broad experience within an Austrian GmbH is a must!

  • strong numeracy

  • strong determination to get things done and high level of assertiveness

  • an ability to take direct responsibility

  • a valid work and residence permit for Vienna, Austria


What you will be doing with us:

  • preparatory work for bookkeeping

  • cooperation with tax advisor

  • customer invoicing

  • processing payments

  • organizing business trips

  • taking care of exhibitions

  • handling of funding and sponsorship projects


If on top of all this you are blessed with a dry sense of humor, you enjoy laughing about mathematical jokes and can feel empathy for brilliant mavericks, then join Symbiotic by applying with a motivation letter, a CV including certificates and references via email to

(1) The minimum gross salary on a base of full time employment (for 40 hours per week) amounts 3.000,- euro per month. We are willing to pay more if you bring relevant in-depth experience and qualifications.

Front-end and SRE/DevOps

SymbioticEDA is looking for engineers to tackle the development and maintenance of our customer-facing highly-available services.


While most of us work on open-source FPGA and formal verification tooling, we’ve also started running some services for either our internal use or for our customers to use. So far, these tools have been developed and maintained by a single person, but we want to scale that effort to at least two people.


The current product stack is:

  • Monorepo, git, built with Bazel, gRPC

  • Deployment on GKE, automated with kubecfg/Jsonnet

  • Go, MySQL and Redis for backend microservices

  • Python/Flask on frontend microservices, static HTML served to the customer


Don’t worry if you don’t know some of these technologies. We’ll get you up to speed.


Our ideal candidate is experienced in their domain, yet generalist enough to be able to tackle various challenges and experiments. We don’t want you to work on chores and toil, but work on what you enjoy. When you see something that’s broken for an obvious reason, you should want to fix it - even if it’s outside your main project. The product architecture is not set in stone, and we will give you ample opportunities to dive deep into any part of the system, possibly re-engineer it from scratch, and then even maybe throw that rewrite away. Trying new things is encouraged, sunken costs are never an objection.


While we don’t want to pigeonhole any candidate to a particular role, we are mostly looking for the following profiles of candidates:


Front-end Engineer


You can develop beautiful but lean web applications. You value libraries over frameworks. You know when to DRY or when to WET. You are curious about current software engineering trends and willing to put them into practical projects, but also able to reason about such choices. You prefer TypeScript over Javascript. You are fluent in more than one programming language, and can easily read and debug most code. As a bonus, you’ve done some work with WebAssembly and can tell us whether we can or cannot get rid of JS in favor of Rust already.




You care for reliability and stability of backend code. Given an architecture diagram of a service, you can identify single points of failure and performance bottlenecks. You are willing to take ownership of a product and work on everything from architecture, development to deployment and monitoring. You never liked YAML. You don’t really like writing Go either, but you understand why we chose it for some of our microservices. You will carry no pager, but if you did, you would be rarely woken up by it. As a bonus, you’ve worked with some of the more oddball parts of the stack (Bazel, Jsonnet, k8s) and can tell us whether you think picking them was a mistake or not.

Invent your Job

You would like to work on Open Source EDA tools? Then we might be the right employer for you! Please reach out at to discuss job opportunities at Symbiotic EDA. Please include a CV and references to or descriptions of relevant past projects.

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