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Our Partners

Chipmonk offers a wide range of solutions in the design and verification market.

Their efficient team can help you identify the correct methodology for your project, develop IP for you and execute the entire front-end phase of your project.


Axiomise offers a unique combination of cutting-edge formal verification training, consulting, services and IP to enable engineers in design verification to get the best out of formal verification. Having trained engineers across some of the best known names in the industry, Axiomise is truly vendor-neutral. Using Axiomise solutions, customers are able to use a formal verification tool of their choice, and get started in deploying formal within a week finding bugs or building proofs of bug absence.


Co-funded by PreSeed of BMDW and BMVIT, and administered by aws.

Gefördert durch  PreSeed  des BMDW bzw. des BMVIT abgewickelt durch die aws.

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